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Published on 22 September 2021


Getting the latest Garmin map updates for your GPS is crucial. It will improve your navigation device’s accuracy by providing recent data for roads, routes, signage, streets, and favorite points of interest. Garmin recommends that you perform updates periodically.

An outdated satnav in 2022 can get you in trouble. Imagine a road that had significant changes to it, and you have old maps. So there will be modified highways, streets, and addresses, but it will not show up on your Garmin’s screen.

The last thing you want your satnav to do is to take you to an unfamiliar outdoor location or area that was closed a few years ago. Not only will it be a waste of time but also nerve-racking. This kind of geological shift of sites happens due to an out-of-date GPS. That’s why you need Garmin map updates free download 2022.

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All Maps will be valid for a Lifetime on some of the Garmin Models. In case if you are not sure that you qualify for 2022 free Lifetime Garmin map updates. Please Speak or Chat with the GPS Experts now

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Garmin map updates free download 2022

Download the latest 2022 updates to reach an accurate destination. We have mentioned multiple steps below to simplify the process of GPS map updates. GPS users must have the right equipment to perform the operation.


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Garmin map updates free download 2021

Resolve your GPS map-related issues in 2021 by updating them. So follow the prescribed set of instructions. We are here to help you with downloads and more. For technical assistance read our full blog.


Garmin map updates free download 2020

To get all the map features in 2021, it is vital that you use a map update wizard or a map updater software to download all the necessary points of interest. We commit to resolve all map update issues and have a team of well-experienced technicians to keep the setup process as easy as possible.


How to update Garmin maps after downloading

If you already have nüMap lifetime Subscription and preloaded Garmin maps installed in your device, then you can move towards updating your Garmin maps for the year 2021 through the software Garmin express.

Note: If you do not have nüMap lifetime Subscription, LM, or LMT device, or Garmin maps of the region you would like to update, you are not eligible for free map updates.

If you do not meet the conditions mentioned above, we will provide you with the steps below in this article to download and install Garmin maps for free on How do I update my Garmin maps for free?

Things you will require to update your Garmin maps

Garmin GPS.
Compatible data cable.
Micro Sd card for data transfer.
NuMAPS lifetime Subscription. If applicable.

Ways to update Garmin maps

There are two proven ways to get the Garmin map updates.

Use the wifi feature on your Garmin device, connect to the nearby wireless network. This way, you can perform the updates without using your computer.
Use Garmin express software application to update on your pc or mac. You may require a micro sd card to store data if the updated maps are large or do not fit internal storage. so this method explains How do i update my garmin maps for free. you can also visit to download this app.

Garmin Map and Software Updates via wi-fi

Connect your GPS to the wi-fi network, Go to settings, and click on wi-fi networks.
Now, Click your device will check for updates. If there is an update available, it will show up on the settings icon.
Choose “updates” in the settings.
When an update is available, the update available will appear.
Select the given options.
If you want to install all available firmware and map updates, select Install All.
To install only map updates, the select map then, Install All.
To install only software firmware updates, select software then, Install All.
Please read the 2021 or 2022 license agreements, click on Accept all to agree.
Connect the device to a 1 A power adapter using a USB cable(included one only). Let it charge while updating.
Do not disconnect the power USB cable or the wifi until the process of updates is done.
You will require a PC and Garmin Express software or web updater to update your maps or firmware in older Garmin devices. But the latest Garmin products such as Drivesmart, Nuvi 295W, Drive 52, Garmin drive assist 50, Garmin Drive Luxe 51 support wifi, and you will not require the Garmin Express software or Web updater for that.

You can go through these simple steps to Update your Garmin GPS maps. Check the pictures below to understand the process.

Garmin map updates with Garmin express

Download and install Garmin express map update software for the latest 2021-2022 updates. Your pc or mac must meet system requirements to download the Garmin update software. However, Garmin Express software will not work on Chromebooks and smartphones. This way, you can get the best installation experience.

Please follow these instructions to proceed now:

First, navigate to the official Garmin website at or search Garmin map updates free download 2022 on your preferred browser so that you can get the correct file to install the Garmin map updates.
Now, please select the right download option as per their operating system, Windows users must click on download for windows, and Mac users must click on download for mac.
It generally takes a few minutes to install this update software. Time may vary according to your internet service and speeds.
Now, use a USB cable to connect your Garmin GPS device with the computer.
Then open the Garmin express update software and click on add a device and follow the instructions to complete the setup.
After that, you can select an option.
To install all available updates, click Install All.
To install a specific update hit View Details and click Install next to the update you want.
Finally, The process of updates will begin. Firmware/Software updates will take a few minutes, while map updates will take some hours.
Map and software updates are available

Use an sd card

Select Regions

Steps 1 of 3

NOTE: since Garmin map updates are large, the whole procedure may take a few hours. If a map update is larger than your Garmin GPS device’s internal storage, you will be prompted to use a micro SD card of 4GB, 32GB, 64GB to add some data storage. In case your GPS device does not support a micro sd card to collect data, you should select a specific region of your choice.

Kenwood navigation system users: To update your Kenwood maps and firmware, visit Garmin product updates for Kenwood on

If you drive a Honda car, mapping products for honda can be purchased from the honda website.

Should you face any difficulty, click on the chat icon to speak or chat with GPS experts.

Ways to download and install free Garmin GPS maps on your device

There are so many methods to install Garmin GPS maps for free. You can visit the Wikipedia of maps at the Openstreetmaps website. Administrators at OSM create edits to the maps’ data to ensure they are up-to-date or make your custom-maps with MapSource software to have them downloaded on your Garmin GPS device.

These maps are routable, and you can use them with Garmin basecamp, where you can create tracks and waypoints. To view them, use mapsource software. So we have discussed How do i update my garmin maps for free

Download the free GPS Garmin maps

The first and foremost step is to visit sites like Gmaptool and select USA OSM topo routable or USA OSM auto for car navigation systems. You can choose a region coverage of your choice. Archived files contain .img files in a 7-zip program. Proceed to unzip them, and they will be saved inside a folder (\Map on Nuvi od SD card).

Note: These are big data files, and takes a while to download them, so choose the correct file for your GPS device.

The first and foremost step is to visit sites like Gmaptool and select USA OSM topo routable or USA OSM auto for car navigation systems. You can choose a region coverage of your choice. Archived files contain .img files in a 7-zip program. Proceed to unzip them, and they will be saved inside a folder (\Map on Nuvi od SD card).

Note: These are big data files, and takes a while to download them, so choose the correct file for your GPS device.

Install the Free Maps on Your Computer

The set of instructions will vary from one operating system to another in 2022. However, you will be given a direct link for mac and windows to avoid misunderstanding.

Softwares and applications you need to install the maps

First, get the 7z extractor program to unzip the compressed zip file. Mac users can download and install this program from the app store.
Then, download Free applications (Garmin MapInstall and MapManager)
After downloading the map file, use 7z extractor to unzip the files and place them into a specific folder.
Now, double click on the largest file with .gmapextention.
Further, start the Garmin MapManager program, click on install, and hit yes. It will copy the map data in the Garmin directory.
To get the most out of it, You can use the Garmin Basecamp tool to add tracks and much more.

Install Free Garmin Maps on Your GPS
Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed your preferred maps, you are ready to install them to your GPS unit.

First, Connect your Garmin GPS device with your computer and a USB connection will be detected; it will take a minute to install the needed drivers.
Secondly, Launch free Garmin MapInstall application on your pc or mac.
Then, select your GPS unit in the drop-down box and click on continue.
After that, Once your free Garmin Mapinstall is open, it will show you if you have maps installed already or not, space left on your satnav device.
Further, select the map type which appears on the left.
In addition, Make sure your internal memory of your unit is larger than the map itself.
Otherwise, you will need to add an sd card for added data storage.
Click “send maps.”
NOTE: This installation process may take a few hours to complete. To check if the 2022 maps are loaded or not. Go into Settings on your Garmin GPS unit.

Install the maps via MTP mode

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode is available to move files around. It will show up as a media device on your windows computer. Garmin lets you switch from USB mode to mass storage mode. This option can be found in the settings of your Garmin GPS unit. Now follow the instructions mentioned above while in the “Mass-storage” mode. Please note that Apple does not support the “media device” mode.

If you face any issue during the installation, please click on the chat icon to speak with our GPS experts.

Mac users who are having a hard time getting out of MTP mode should follow the steps below.

Download the 2022 Free Garmin map updates file from They may send you a link via email.
Download the compressed ZIP file from OpenStreetMap and Android file transfer software from google.
After unzipping the folder, you will see the “.img” extension.
Then, connect your Garmin GPS to the computer.
Launch Android file transfer Program
Now drag the .img file in the GARMIN folder. Please make sure you rename the “.img” file to avoid any mishap.
Go to map settings on your GARMIN GPS and toggle the OSM map on and off.
Install Free Garmin Maps on Your GPS via Windows

To begin with, Go to the GMaptool website, Then download and Run the “bat” file.
Launch Garmin Basecamp and make sure you have the maps.
Send the maps to your GPS device using free Garmin MapInstall or install them from basecamp.
Download the maps from
Select the img file of the map and copy-paste it in the “GARMIN” folder
Now you should have the Garmin maps on your device at zero cost.

Some other resources to download free Garmin maps

Free Garmin Nuvi map update
Garmin Nuvi device series is the best mid-end range product. It has all the features like Live traffic, voice commands, and many more. So getting the Garmin Nuvi update is the first step to ensure that you have the most current and latest version of maps in 2021. it will keep your routes and road information up-to-date, securing your way to home. We are all familiar with the events of frustration when you end up on a road or highway closed for construction purposes. Keeping your Garmin GPS unit updated is made simpler with Garmin express map update software. All you have to do is hook up your GPS to the computer to get the latest updates. This software can update Garmin Nuvi 1400 series, Garmin Nuvi 1450, Garmin Nuvi 1300, drive 50, drive 51, and all supported automotive devices.

Ways to get the Garmin Nuvi update for free
Lifetime subscriptions and Garmin express are essential prerequisites to get the Garmin Nuvi map updates free of cost, So you must check all the things in advance. Also, note that Your GPS may be eligible for a free map update under (nüMaps Guarantee) Lifetime subscription within 90 days of first acquiring satellites while driving. To learn more, please visit the official website for all the terms and conditions.

The given Garmin Nuvi and drive models include Lifetime subscriptions: LT, LM, LMT, LMTHD, or LMT-D.

Follow these easy set of instructions to get the Garmin Nuvi update.

First, visit and download the Garmin express map update software.
Select either download for windows or download for mac.
Now, double click the downloaded .exe file.
Once it is open, continue to read the License agreement to proceed with Garmin Nuvi updates.
Subsequently, Connect the USB cable from the computer to the Garmin GPS device.
Now double click on the Garmin Express desktop app to open the software.
Hit get started and click on add a device.
Complete the Garmin Nuvi setup by following on-screen instructions.
Click “Install All” to start the updates of Garmin Nuvi.
Note: In case you do not see the install, all, or updates available. You may need to purchase the 2021lifetime updates on the Garmin Express software. Click on see pricing to learn more.
Now, wait for the Garmin Nuvi GPS to finish the updating process.
At last, once the installation is complete, you can eject the Garmin Nuvi.
Install or mount the Garmin GPS device in your vehicle.
The mentioned steps should update your 2021 Garmin Nuvi maps; if not, please chat with our GPS experts to get the support.

Latest Free Garmin map versions

Current, latest version

August 12 (Wed), 2021 2022.20
February 19 (Wed), 2021: 2022.10
Click the link to download now


Current, latest version

October 30 (Wed), 2019: 2021.30
July 17 (Wed), 2019: 2021.20
January 30 (Wed), 2019: 2021.10
Click the link to download now

How to check your current Garmin map or its version
You can check the map version on your GPS device by following these steps:

Turn on your Garmin unit.
Touch Tools icon.
Then, Touch Settings cog.
Touch Map.
After that, Touch Info.
Now in this section, you will see the name of your map.
You can checkmark the checkbox to enable the mapping on your device.
Note: If you do not see the map updates info screen, Please restore the deleted maps with Garmin express software. That sums up the process of “Verifying Maps Installed on an Automotive Device.“

Does Garmin charge for map updates
Every Garmin automotive device comes with free lifetime map updates provided that their model name/number includes words like LT, LM, LMT, LMTHD, or LMT-D.

However, if you would like to update your maps from the current region to a different region/country, Garmin will charge you for Downloading new maps. Garmin map updates are released three times a year.

Garmin map update cost
The price for new maps starts at $79.99 and up in 2022. The most common product line for map purchase is City Navigator®. You can purchase maps of North America and many more from the Garmin online store. In the united states of America. Some users look for discount codes. We do not recommend that.

Garmin Map Update free Softwares to download
You can perform Garmin map updates and downloads on your (Garmin) navigation system with our software to enhance the quality of the mapping data so that you can track unknown outdoor locations and roads easily. Garmin has a lot of free applications like MapSource for Garmin updates and downloads.

Users with marine devices like echomap series, PANOPTIX, GPSMAP, and STRIKER can download the free software update bundle to an SD card with 4GB, 32GB, and 64GB data storage. In case you are the owner of smartwatches or wearable products like a forerunner, you can use Garmin connect free software on your smartphone to track and share health data in 2022.

MapSource is a software to see routes, waypoints, and tracks.

A Free Garmin express map updater can also be used to update the maps on your automotive device. However, Some Garmin devices can run out of memory; in that case, you will need to add a memory card to expand the data storage to facilitate all necessary updates.

If your navigator does not support a micro sd card of 4GB, 32GB, 64GB to store data, you can interchange the maps you have now with just the regions you require, and if that does not serve the purpose, you can change the provinces altogether.

These updates may take several minutes or hours to complete and depend on your connection speed.

Garmin inreach users will need to create an account to manage their devices. Inreach is a satellite technology from Garmin.

Webupdater can also be used to download and update your software for free on selected Garmin portable devices and is available for windows and mac. This way, you can renew the data on your device, and some of the mentioned tools will assist you in installing Garmin map updates free download 2020

Why update your Garmin maps for free in 2021
Downloading free Garmin map updates ensure that you do not end up on a wrong path, street, trail, or route. There was a time when just having a GPS would suffice. As the developer of these navigators creates newer Softwares in 2021, updates add new features in the existing mapping data to work at maximum capacity and efficiency.

The construction of new highways is on the rise in 2021, and old roads are closed for entry from both one-way and two street road. It is also observed that whole road networks are changed in a few years. All these things can make your Garmin maps obsolete. Recent map data can correct many issues.

Your device will continue operating without Garmin map updates, but it will have old map data. Thus, you will miss out on the New junction view or 3-D buildings and terrain. If you wish to reach your nearest ATMs, restaurants, or highway exits without getting lost, That is why Garmin map updates are necessary.

Downloading and installing the latest 2021 free Garmin map updates will help you correct geographical information while traveling. It can be done free of cost with Garmin express software, an application designed for most recent updates and map management.

Features of Garmin Map updates
You can choose and download free Garmin map 2021 updates based on the type of activity you are into; there are specific characteristics of all Garmin maps. You should select a map by reading its added features and be specific to eradicate issues in the Downloads selection process mentioned below in this article.

Detailed Routable maps support turn-by-turn direction and are the most common as they have a thorough trail and road data. They will eliminate the possibility to plan ahead of your trip. So they are best to find rural and urban roads and ways.
POI’s- these maps can add your points of interest like Businesses, utilities, and lands.
Terrain contours- these are also known as topographical maps. They are essential where users need to see the topography of an area. These Garmin maps have a 100k or 24k type of scale as contour intervals.
High-quality satellite imagery – Known as a birds-eye subscription, one can view land features as they appear from space. They are included in Garmin HuntView maps and downloads.
Land boundaries(public and private) – these maps will show the coverage of boundaries and property lines, normally color-marked.
Types of maps
The most common maps types available in 2021 for upgrades and downloads are Topo 24k, Topo 100k, hunt view, BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, Trailhead Series, City Navigator, TopoActive.

They are available in two formats, Pre-programmed, pre-loaded sd cards(free/paid shipping on most orders), and downloadable content. You can purchase pre-loaded SD cards from Use Garmin pay as a contactless payment solution.

Garmin devices have many uses like running, cycling, fitness tracking, golf, indoor training, multisport, swimming, diving, water sports.

Company’s Index smart scale is very useful for all people, kids wearables, baseball, softball are also available.

They also have Chartplotters, autopilots, audio panels, weather traffic datalinks connectivity, portable GPS wearables apps.

They at Garmin health enterprise provide flexible solutions with a wide range of products with sensors.